Federal judge green-lights collection of voter data

( CNN) A federal magistrate in DC declined to block President Donald Trump’s voter integrity commission from collecting data on voters from 50 set out in a rule on Monday, handing a win to an administration inundated by litigations over the commission’s request.

The commission’s vice chairman, Kris Kobach, communicated a letterto all 50 nations soliciting a slew of voter rolling data regarding late June. Kobach said he was only asking for what was publicly available under the laws of each state, but any such requests nevertheless triggered rapid-fire case in federal tribunals, including a suit by a privacy rights group in which claimed the committee had failed to comply with federal principle and the request violated constitutionally-protected privacy rights.

The commission concluded all collection struggles earlier this month and choose to permutation from using a Defense Department website to host the voter data to having it maintained by an existing system within the White House.