DOJ says lawsuit over collection of voter data has no legs, promises to secure data

( CNN) The Justice Department is engaging a lawsuit filed by a privacy group to stop President Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity from obtaining voter datum across the country, hoping to persuade a federal judge Thursday that the Trump administration is taking adequate steps to protect the data.

Last week, the commission’s vice chairman, Kris Kobach, communicated a wordto all 50 positions requesting a slew of voter roll data — but only if publicly available under country laws. Nevertheless, the request prompted a federal litigation in DC by the Electronic Privacy Information Center( EPIC ), which calls the commission’s seek “without precedent” and asserts it constitutes cybersecurity probabilities and violates constitutionally-protected privacy rights.

Justice Department solicitors said in response to the lawsuit Wednesday that the group cannot show how it would be harmed by the voter information requests, especially in light of the fact that the commission is merely striving publicly available information, but US District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly film back a series of questions for the Trump administration to answer first — including who is responsible for collecting and accumulating the data.