Dangerous malware was lurking in a Britney Spears Instagram comment

Britney Spears play-act on theatre during the course of its 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2016.
Image: Broadimage/ REX/ Shutterstock

A sophisticated hacking group believed to be connected with the Russian authority seemed to have tested some brand-new malware … in the comments of a Britney Spears Instagram photo.

* exhaled* 2017.

Information technology research group ESET spotted the malware hiding in specific comments that looks pretty much like any other spam on a Britney Spears photo.

ESET’s screengrab of the Britney Spears commentary, foreground malware comment.

Image: ESET

The malware didn’t get a lot of play, but the effort seems to be a test for the cyber espionage group known as Turla, according to ESET. Formerly a user opens the malware associate, the website expects the subscribers to download a Firefox extension that seems harmless enough, but is actually a trojan. Formerly invested on the user’s computer, the trojan relays the user’s task back to Turla.

This particular strategy is known as a “watering hole” tactic, in which intruders attempt to infect a group of users by the leaving malware on a site those users often see. By stopping malware in a comment on the social scaffold, intruders were encouraging unsuspecting Instagram useds to foul themselves.

Using social media to conduct a cyber assault is not only something numerous social media customers wouldn’t expect, the committee is also allows the attackers to delete the contents associated with the link.

Bottom line, as ESET ended: Inform your plug-ins, tribes, and don’t download random acts from strange places.

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