The best industries to intern if you want to get a job, according to LinkedIn

Try engineering … or retail?

Image: Shutterstock/ pogonici

It’s hard to get an internship, but it’s even harder to know whether that internship has a chance of becoming a task. Unless you’re in an industry where post-internship employment is virtually secured, it’s pretty much anyone’s guess.

LinkedIn analyzed the profiles of students who property full-time places after summertime internships to find out which manufactures have the most long-term hope for interns.

In-demand skills like accounting and engineering most often led to employment, but other environments like retail made a strong demonstrating for entry-level hiring too.

LinkedIn too found that March was the best month to apply to a summertime internship. That’s when applications spiked and when the chances of get an internship peaked.

“In todays competitive labour markets its difficult to district a full-time task right out of college, but get an internship can give you the experience required to get an edge up future developments job search, ” LinkedIn said.

Top Manufacture for Holding Interns

Industry/ Retention

Accounting: 55%

Semiconductors: 43%

Management consulting: 38%

Computer software: 36%

Civil engineering: 34%

Information technology and services: 33%

Internet: 33%

Aviation and aerospace: 32%

Defense and cavity: 32%

Retail: 32%