Explain Everything, the digital whiteboard, raises $3.7 million to bring learning to the iPad

Should you be interested in the lifecycle of the bee or the magic of time arts and equations then Are explained would like a nature. This Wroclaw, Poland-based company offers a kind of iPad-powered whiteboard that would allow us to collaboratively display illustrations and textbook, equations, and even stamp out enjoyable( and educational) time skill presentations.

The company recently invoked $3.7 million with the round is presided over by EBRD, with Credo, RTA and NEV participating in order to expand their produce outside of Europe. The produce has been downloaded over 4 million times and they have 840,000 monthly active users.

Bartosz Gonczarek, Piotr Sliwinski, and Reshan Richards made the system to allow students and teachers share illustrations and memoranda in real period. It makes by seamlessly exposing a shared portray on multiple devices and it was able to even be used on desktops and tablets. The Los Angeles school district has it invested on all 70,000 of its iPads and it is on 50% of all educational iPads in the UK.

The project originated about when Gonczarek and Sliwinski created a failed living program called PhotoPuppet. From out of the ashes of that startup the pair met a New York-based education who helped them refine the Are explained concept.

One day in October 2010 I encountered a single Twitter post by Reshan Richards. He had just downloaded PhotoPuppet and was musing about its many peculiarities. I immediately emailed him and then we talked for a very long time over Skype and email. Reshan wanted to make a screencasting app just like PhotoPuppet, but redesigned for education having a modified user interface and more implements. It turned out that we were working on very similar ideas simultaneously, but from different points of view. Partnering with Reshan was natural as it would accomplish our teams skillset by adding his abilities and background, said Sliwinski.

We invoked the additional $3.7 million that are intended to take the educational app so far into the business and corporate market. Its enormous for preparing quick explain videos, brainstorming and captivating feelings, and use videos instead of emails, he said.

Generally the app is sort of a Powerpoint for education complete with livings, gestural annotations, and the ability to play back and record videos from your presentations. While Explain Everything cant clarify, answer, why toast ever descends butter-side down, you could feasibly use it to create a present about the subject.

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