Upset IT guy receives the internet’s full wrath in a hilarious Photoshop battle

This man has learnt some things you wouldn’t believe.

Billed as an “Upset IT Guy” on Reddit, this dude’s sound of sheer bothering is relatable to all, especially for those whose task is to help others with their computers.

Image: SaltyChorizo

Hopefully this humorous Photoshop battle will hearten him right up. Seriously though, be nice to your information technology professional.

Some saw his uncanny resemblance to Rasputin

Image: DrWankalot/ Reddit

Redditor davepollotart transformed him into a Simpsons character

Image: davepollotart/ Reddit

He was transformed into Milton from Office Space

Image: WetCoastLife/ Reddit

And Hagrid from Harry Potter

Image: Duckcave/ Reddit

The disturbed mortal was placed into a scene from the WWE

Image: NonaHexa/ Reddit

He was turned into an disturbed barbarian

Image: aceluke6 05/ Reddit

Some saw his beautiful locks

Image: myphotoshopaccount/ Reddit

And in what may be the weirdest Photoshop yet, person became full-on Grumpy Cat

Image: frings_demise/ Reddit

Bonus: Corgi butts in slow motionhttps :// r/ photoshopbattles/ comments/ 50 scz7/ psbattle_upset_it_guy/

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