The future of books is coming, but its coming slowly

This week on Technotopia I had the opportunity to speak Laura Dawson, an expert on all things writing and the future host of a podcast dedicated to ISBNs. To say that she has her thumb on the pulsate of the publishing nature is an understatement.

Dawson knows the ins and outs of the big houses and she understands how they visualize. Interestingly, virtually every publisher is well aware of the importance of metadata and the publishing industry rather than being the benighted manufacture we all expect it to be is quite high tech. The bad news? There wont be much altered in the industry for the foreseeable future. Dawson, for her proportion, expects to see major changes happen within a decade at best, although the vagaries of work sales are obviously be stepped up that timeline.

Dawson agrees that writing is a little brake but she envisions journals will still be around for a long time in some sort. Shes most excited about the ability to connect journals together something that fans of the WWW might find familiar but less like hyperlinks and more like the ability to move through insight seamlessly from believe that that ponder. Its exhilarating stuff.

You can download the MP3 here or subscribe here.